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Advanced Diagnostics and Treatments

It is very important to us at Golden Heart Veterinary Care that we have the latest most advanced equipment which enables us to deliver the highest quality of medicine possible. As veterinary medicine continues to advance and evolve we will always ensure we are on the cutting edge of treatment to ensure the best care for your pets. Below are just some of the advanced tools that make Golden Heart special.


Fully equipped in house laboratory

Sometimes we need immediate answers, and our in house laboratory enables us to accomplish this. Faster answers allow us to get your pets feeling better quicker.


Digital Cytology

Cytology is a minimally invasive technique used to help make diagnoses by collecting a small sample of cells, applying them to a glass slide, and analyzing them under a microscope. Typically, if a hospital would like to consult with a pathologist, they would need to mail out samples and wait weeks for answers. Our Digital cytology machine acts as a direct link to a board certified clinical pathologist. It takes high definition images of microscopic cells at 100x zoom, and then send these images over the internet to instantly be reviewed in real time. A full and complete report is then emailed back to the clinic within a couple hours. Golden Heart Veterinary Care is proud to be one of only a few hospitals in Central Florida with this capability.


Cold Therapeutic Laser

Laser therapy is a completely non-invasive tool that can dramatically help treat a variety of conditions. The main clinic benefits of laser therapy is decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and improved wound healing. We commonly recommend our cold therapeutic laser in cases of chronic arthritis, slow to heal surgical incisions, tendon and ligament injuries, and traumatic injuries.

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